Sunday, May 17, 2015

You're the Bees Knees! Joy Fold Technique

Joy Fold cards are awesome and so easy! This bee's knees card rocks the joy to the fold. What a fun "bee" day card this would be for someone special, don't you agree?!

First, let's start with the folds.
Here's how I display the cards at my class and if I remember, I put the scoring instructions on the board as well so that everyone has the reminder as the card moves from group to group.

A Joy Fold card has two folds and a catch which means there are four spots to decorate to complete your card. There's the inside card base, the left flap, the inside flap and the front flap that folds over the left flap. Confused? Let me explain.

Here's the left flap. It's got the hexagon background and a circle popped up to be the "catch" or the piece that holds the front flap in place.
Here's the inside piece as well as the inside flap. More papaya and hexagon background in toffee as well as a little toffee ink edging the inside of the card base. The flap has the little bee colored in the papaya tombow. Simple and sweet.
Here's a closer look at the inside bee.
The front flap is also covered in the hexagon background and has the bees knees sentiment and a shimmery bee on top of onyx petite polka dot.
The bee on the front flap is stamped on the papaya piece and stamped again on papaya, cut out and popped up. The quickie glue pen is used to hold the diamond glitter on the wings. The wings are folded forward a bit to give the bee a bit of flight in the look. Here's a close-up.
And, here's what it looks like from the side.
Have big fun with your cardmaking and hope you'll put a joy fold or two into your next foray into the craft room!

Have a wonderfully creative day!


Unknown said...

This is really cute! Love the sparkly bee wings!

Judy said...

TFS the Joy Fold instructions.