Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thinking of You or Notecard

This quick and simple card uses washi tape, everything's rosy paper pack and vellum cardstock die cuts to add visual interest. Isn't the washi tape kind of great on the gingham cardstock?! I love it! And, I wish the photo showed it better but the washi swallows have a touch of golddust spritzed across the top of them so they shimmer a bit. Some pearl sequins finish off the look. Easy peasy and yet a beautiful notecard or get well or thinking of you card.

Here's a close-up of the swallow. Try to pretend you can see a bit of gold shimmer. I can if I concentrate real hard. lol! :)

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Thinking of You (or notecard):

Stamps:            Essential Sentiments, p.98, $25.99

Cardstock:       Gingham (35), S, $14.95

                            Sage (20), p. 110, $7.50

                            Vellum (cardstock), p. 119, $6.50

Paper:               Everything’s Rosy 6X6 Pattern, S, $5.99

Dies:                  Swallows die set, p. 129, $5.95      

Ink:                    Memento Tuxedo Black, p. 114, $5.45       

Splash:              Golddust, $6.95

Other:               Pearl Sequins, S, $1.99

                          Glue Dots, p. 136, $3.95
                       Washi – Keep Calm, p. 121, $15.95

Have a wonderfully creative day! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Basket and Bunnies

Here's a card I did with my classes in March. It's an Easter card full of bunnies and eggs and a basket too! These are all new dies from the Spring Accessories Guide that's active until the end of May. As you may realize, it's all the same parts as the card I posted yesterday except that I added some 3D crepe paper eggs to the card and also added a second layer of grass to the card. The great part is that when class is over, I usually have some extra materials to use to play around with designs. Don't you love the cobalt cardstock base on this card?! I adore that shade of blue and the gingham cardstock and everything's rosy paper pack coordinate beautifully with it.And, check out the bunny bums...wait - that sounded bad, didn't it?! lol! We carry both large and small puff bums. :)

Here's a blurry picture of the inside (oops). As you can see, it's simple but continues the theme of the card.

Happy Easter:
Stamps:            Color Me Happy, p. 13, $19.99
Cardstock:       Sugar (40), p.114, $7.50
                            Blueberry (20), p. 111, $7.50
                            French Roast (20), p. 112, $7.50
                            Shell (20), p.110, $7.50
                            Gingham (35), S, $14.95
                            Grapefruit Petite Polka Dot, p. 116, $9.95
Paper:               Everything’s Rosy 6X6 Pattern, S, $5.99
Ink:                    Blueberry, p. 111, $5.95

Dies:                  Easter Basket die set, S, $18.99
                            Bunny die set, S, $9.99
                            Flowers die set, S, $9.99
                            Grass die, p. 129, $9.95
Ribbon:            Sugar Organdy Polka Dot, p. 122, $5.25
Other:               Bunny bums, S, $1.95

If you want to make your own, check out these wonderful products online:

Have a wonderfully creative day!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

3D Crepe Paper Eggs

Here's a fun and silly Easter card full of crepe paper eggs and bunnies! Each egg is comprised of 5 layers of crepe paper. It's so easy to cut multiple layers of crepe paper with the egg die. Such a great way to add a fun element to the card by making it 3D, don't you think?

The card is finished off with some gingham, basket and some bunnies from the Spring Accessories Guide. Oh and the Everything's Rosy paper pack too!

I have another idea for the 3D "eggs" so will hopefully get that made soon. :)

Have a wonderfully creative day!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crepe Paper Butterflies - Birthday

In the Spring Accessories Guide, crepe paper was added. I have soooo many memories of twisting crepe paper together and hanging it across the auditorium and gym ceilings for school dances. And, across the living room and dining room for birthday parties! Crepe paper always meant fun times were coming!

So, when I saw it in the catalog, I knew I had to have it but wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. Then, it hit me - die cuts! I love that you can do several layers at once, add just a touch of mono aqua glue to the back and boom - a floaty, vibrant card which is perfect for spring. This is the first but more will be coming. :)

Have a wonderfully creative day!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Beyond the Egg - Easter Banner Card

How about an Egg Banner? Ok - this one isn't very far out of the box but it is a different way than I've normally used the egg die. And, when you pair the even taller alphabet die with those eggs, it's a super cute way to brighten up someone's Easter day.

Do you have suggestions for ways to use this die? I still have a few ideas gelling but would love to get your ideas!

Have a wonderfully creative day!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beyond the Egg - Butterfly

Continuing on with thinking beyond the egg die, here's a quick and simple butterfly using the grapefruit petite polka dot and chevron egg die cuts for the wings and a scrap of ocean for the body. A little mermaid baker's cording finishes off the butterfly. So simple but so fun! The cardstock base is sugar with ocean strips and grapefruit and kraft layers. An ocean ink sentiment finishes off the look. Isn't this a sweet birthday card?

Have a wonderfully creative day!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Beyond the Egg - Flower

Here's another "thinking beyond the die" project. That great $4.95 egg die makes a super cute flower. This one is made with grapefruit petite polka dot and chevron patterned cardstock and berry cardstock. I layered the "eggs" and then glued them to a grapefruit base and trimmed around the edge. The stem is from a hundred wishes and the leaves are washi tape triangles. Oh and the center is a 1" grass petite polka dot circle punch. This is a fun just because card but you could also use it for a pick me up for a friend or a get well or birthday. The options are endless.

Have a wonderfully creative day!!