Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thanks - A Partial Word Die-Cut and Modified Z-Fold Card Tutorial

 What happens when you take one of the fabulous word dies from A Muse Studio and only cut part of it out? Awesomeness! That's what happens - awesomeness! :)
 Here it is from an angled view to the side - you get the modified z-fold effect this way. You take an 4-1/4" X 11" piece of sugar cardstock and score it at 2-3/4" and 5-1/2". Put it aside and work on the die cut part. You could do it directly on the cardstock fold but I decided to make it a little easier.

Take a piece of 4-1/4" X 3-1/4" piece of cardstock. I used hibiscus as it was a great match to the patterned paper I picked to use from the Fiesta paper pack.
Center the word die at the top center of your 4-1/4" side of the cardstock.
Turn the cardstock 180 degrees and line it up so the top of the die is on the cutting plate and the bottom of the die and the rest of the cardstock is hanging off the edge a little. Use a little washi tape to hold it in place.

Add the cutting plate on top and as you can see, a bit of the word die is hanging out of the edge. You don't want the bottom part of the word to get cut that's why you need part of it to be outside of your cutting plates. *note - make sure your die is straight before you cut it out. I took the photo and then realized that I was askew so fixed it before cutting. ah... the little things. :)
Once you cut it, you have this lovely result. Okay - you actually have all the little pieces that you need to trim off from the letters but after you do that - you have this lovely partially die-cut word. :)  Layer that piece on the fold and trim to a straight line. Then, layer a patterned piece on the bottom edge to finish off the card.

I cut out the full word on a piece of the patterned paper and used a quickie glue pen to attach it to the top of the partial cut layer. You wouldn't have to do that but I liked the look of it. :)

Oh - I also added a top layer of patterned paper that I cut with the medium scalloped border die. A tiny strip of hibiscus finished off the look.
This would be so fun to do with the Merry or Noel die and add a little Santa Mail stamp or Cozy Back stamp to it. Will have to do some more playing.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and hope you'll give the partial word die-cut technique a try!

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Have a wonderfully creative day!!

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