Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mini Blooms Thank You - Ribbon Detail Tutorial

Watermelon and eucalyptus ink and the mini blooms stamp set. Isn't that a great combo?! The corner chomper adds great detail as well. A large flax paper flower was pressed into the watermelon ink to get the coverage and a silver sequin finishes off the look. :)
Here's the inside. I carried the leaves and flowers in to finish off the card.
But the real story on this card is the ribbon detail. I love how this came out. I was experimenting with tying a ribbon across the front of the card but didn't want the same ribbon look that I've done before. So, I punched a couple of holes and tied the ribbon but it wasn't quite the look that I'd hoped for so now what to, what to do because there are a few holes in the front of the card. lol!

I stamped the sentiment from Beautiful Birthdays and pondered. Then, it hit me. I pulled out my handy x-acto retractable knife and cut a slit in the fold of the card. The slit is just about the same width of the ribbon and is on the fold at the same height as the punched holes so the card can have the same ribbon detail on both sides of the card even with a fold. 

To make the ribbon detail, cut about 13" of ribbon, start from the back and pull it evenly through the two holes. Wrap the ends around the side of the card going away from the center. Go through the slit on one side going front to back and wrap it around the right side. Bring the ribbon back through the same hole it started in from back to front and tie it around itself and trim the end. Does that make sense?

To clarify, take the piece of ribbon that came up through the left hole and thread it from front to back through the slit on the left side of the card at the fold. Turn the card over and take that ribbon from the back to the front through the same hole you started with - the left hole. Turn the card back to the front. Take the piece of ribbon and tie it around and trim. See how it looks above.

See below for how it looks on the back.
What do you think? It gives a subtle touch to the inside of the card and since it's one layer across on top and bottom, it doesn't make for a bulky mailing.

Stamps: Mini Blooms
Cardstock: Eucalyptus and Sugar
Ink: Eucalyptus and Watermelon
Tools: Corner Chomper, X-acto craft knife and crop-a-dile
Other: flax flowers, silver sequins, mini glue dots and silver 1/4" ribbon

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Have a wonderfully creative day!!


Judy said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to try your ribbon technique.

Unknown said...

Pretty clever use of the ribbon. Love how it turned out.