Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Diagonal Tri-fold with Pretty Peonies 2

A pretty tri-fold birthday card to brighten someone's day! This is an A1 card which means when it's folded, it's 3-1/2" X 5".

How do you make it? You start with a 5" X 10-1/2" piece of vanilla (cream) cardstock. Score it at 3-1/2" and 7" to make the tri-fold. Then, you need to grab a ruler and a pencil. Place the ruler at a diagonal on your cardstock and draw a light pencil line from the top right corner to about two inches above the bottom left corner. See the picture below to get the idea of the diagonal.

The middle section of the card that you see when it's folded is actually the back of the card so you need to draw the same line on the back. So, to make it easier to do, snip about 1/4" on the pencil line from each end. Turn the cardstock over and use those snipped lines as your guide for your ruler. Then, lightly draw a pencil line in the middle section only of the back.

Stamp peonies over the pencil line on the front left and right sections and on the back middle section. Cut around the top of the peonies on the bottom left and top right sections of the front and then turn the card over and cut around the middle section on the back. Then, go to town and fill up the card with as many peonies as you want! :)
I used Berry ink for the largest peony, bubblegum ink for the middle sized peony and blush ink for the smallest peony. I love the pretty layers of overlapping peonies. The sentiment from You're My Fave is in onyx ink on the front and the sentiment from Birthdays Inside and Out is in Berry. I left the right panel empty for writing a note to go with the birthday card. 
Here's the back! It's as pretty as the front, don't you think? I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope it made sense. If not, e-mail me with questions. :)

Have fun making Diagonal Tri-Fold Cards! I can't wait to play around with different stamp sets to make some more.

Have a wonderfully creative day!!


  1. Oh Seleise - this is WONDERFUL!! I love it and appreciate you sharing the how-to!

  2. Oh my PRETTY - and I think I am going to try this today or tomorrow. Such inspiration you are. But this time I already have the stamp set so I am good to go.

  3. Very pretty, Seleise! Lovin' this set, aren't you? Beautiful!!!

  4. Very pretty, Seleise! Lovin' this set, aren't you? Beautiful!!!

  5. Very pretty, Seleise! Lovin' this set, aren't you? Beautiful!!!


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