Thursday, April 24, 2014

Crepe Paper Flower Garden Birthday

If you take the flower die set #1 and several rolls of our crepe paper, you can get bunches of flowers to make spring-y flower garden cards. I folded the crepe paper back and forth to create 5 layers and then did one cut with the die. It easily cut the layers since crepe paper is so thin. The result was a container full of super light, super fun and super cute flowers. The stem was stamped first and then the multitude of flowers glued just in the middle of the flower on top of the stems. This helped keep it airy and light for a happy card. I forgot to design the inside. I know! I got in trouble with my classes too. Most put two stems crossing each other and glued a flower on top of each. super cute and simple. :)

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Happy Birthday – Crepe Paper Flowers
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                            A Hundred Wishes, p. 38, $18.99
Cardstock:       Sugar (40), p. 114, $7.50
                            Papaya(20), p. 111, $7.50
                            Papaya Pinstripe (20), p. 117, $9.95
Ink:                    Grape, p. 111, $5.95
                            Sage, p. 110, $5.95
Dies:                  Flowers Die Set 1, p. 128, $24.99
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                            Mono Aqua, p. 136, $3.50
 Have a wonderfully creative day!

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