Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dress Card and Gift Bag

Here is a super fun project that you can change up and make so many different ways and what can be better than that?!! I was inspired by a card featured on Papercrafts Magazine January issue and downloaded the template from their site. I submitted it to Papercrafts as one of the "inspired by" submissions but wasn't chosen. It's all good because now I can share it with you.

The original card involved sewing and gathering and while I can and have done that, I didn't want to. LOL! So, I started trying to figure out how I wanted to approach the project. While I was pondering, I wrapped a gift and the inspiration struck - use tissue paper!! So, I pulled a sheet out and folded it back up like it originally comes in the package and cut strips on the paper trimmer while it was already folded up (it's so thin that it's no problem sticking the folded up tissue in the trimmer). Then, I used Fiskars Cloud scissors to create a scalloped edge (tip: put a piece of cheap cardstock behind the folded up tissue and it will cut like a dream - without the cardstock - nightmare!). Then, I unfolded the strip and "gathered" the straight edge by pushing the straight edge of the tissue together to make a gathered look. I put strips of scor-tape every half to 3/4 inch or so on the card front skirt part and starting from the bottom (very important to start from the bottom so the tissue doesn't stick!), I peeled off the protective covering of the scor-tape strip, and pressed the gathered edge of the tissue into it (work from one side to the other so you can keep gathering as you go). I let the sides go over the edges and then when it was done, turned it over and trimmed the skirt to the card base. But, one of my friends, trimmed and then folded the edge of each layered tissue as she went ("hemmed it") and made it neat from the beginning. see - that's thinkin'! :)

To finish off the "skirt", I added some ribbon to the waist line. But, I felt like it needed more. I added a rhinestone necklace (love the gem embellishments that already have adhesive on them!) But, I still felt like it needed more so added a the big ole ribbon flower at the waistline. ahh - now I'm happy! :) I found these fabulous ribbon trim flowers in the sewing section at Hobby Lobby. Aren't they fun? They come on a roll and can be trimmed apart or used in a strip. So cheery and so many for the price!!! I thought a matching gift bag would be super fun so picked up some small ones at HL and followed the same plan to create the match. Isn't that super cute? What do you think?

The beauty is that you can make this project look so different depending on what background cardstock you start with and what tissue paper you use.
If you use white cardstock like what I've shown, you'll want to use a tissue paper that has a lot of color or pattern as I like the red polka dots but don't love it quite as much as the black/white patterned paper. And, how about mixing the colors - super fun!!!

You can use big rhinestones for chunky necklaces, colored gemstones for bright necklaces, pearls, etc. The options are endless. If you want to host a tea party or a bachelorette party or a birthday party or whatever girly event you might have coming up, use these for place cards. The ideas are endless.

One final note, when you download the pattern from the Papercrafts site. Cut it in half and place the front of the pattern on your already folded cardstock. Save yourself some cutting by doing both layers at once. And,  your front and back of the dress will match perfectly. Have fun playing and creating!!

And, thanks for popping by!


Patti J said...

I think your project is gorgeous! Great take on the inspiration piece, and don't worry about not being chosen...I have several PaperCraft rejects too! Love this, and those cats below are so stinkin' cute!!! Hugs!

Myrna Marcano said...

Gorgeous!!! So cute!

Chelsea said...

This is sooooo cute. I am inspired by you!