Monday, June 22, 2009

My seminar swap helpers!

I just got home from a lovely week-end at my sister's house. I was going to help Grandma with the kiddos while my sister was in the combine but it rained so we all got to play together instead. :) It was perfect for me since I needed to make swaps for The Angel Company seminar which starts later this week. Well, I had help so thought I'd share a pic of my two fabulous helpers and how we all work together. It's an ordered chaos. The two-year-old sits on the left leg and the 4-year old sits on the right and that's not to be changed! Trust me - if the other sits on "my leg" then there's tears and shoving - it's not good - esp. for me who gets caught in the middle. But, honestly they work pretty well together as we've done it a lot over the years. There is a lot of repeating by the two year - especially - WAIT, WAIT - before we could do this or that (wonder where he learned that - LOL!) - especially glue or cut or stamp. They each took turns turning the dreamkuts handle or catching the paper or punching or pulling the trimmer blade down. They helped color but putting their hand on top of mine and they each helped stamp by putting their hands on the block after I put it down. we'd all press and then I'd say "hands off" and they'd both raise their hands to the sky and giggle and then we'd do the next one. And, still with that - got lots done. good times. And, they're really good at picking up stuff that falls to the floor - heh heh heh! :)

I do have to say that it was very hard to leave this morning and I got a big ole puffed out lower lip sad face when I said bye bye to the little one. Broke my heart. But, he's a trooper and played fine soon after I left. Sure nice to be loved!

I'll post a card in the next one but just had to share this fun and special crafting moment. Happy Stamping!

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