Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday - Marvelous Mottos!

I love, love, love when a card comes together without really thinking about it, don't you? I was stamping off some images earlier this evening at Tuesday night stamping which is a weekly potluck supper and stamping evening with some FABULOUS ladies! So, anyway, I was randomly putting things together on strips to layer on cards when I had time. I started playing with TAC's Marvelous Mottos (which is also a great scrapbooking stamp set!) and got a bunch of strips stamped up. Then, I got home and started putting together a card with the stamped strip of paper. Let me tell you - it just worked and I love the outcome! Kraft, stardust, white, ivory, scarlet, navy and black were used on the different layers on different cards. I pulled out the scalloped, cloud and deckle scissors and just started going to town. I decided TAC's Butterfly Bits would be the perfect images to finish off the design. The "kissing" technique made the butterflies perfect and I only glued half of the butterflies down so they're "lifting" off the page.

Here are several versions - what do you think?

On a totally separate note, for all that asked about my "mouth" and "healing", I appreciate all the kind thoughts! To catch up everyone else, I had all four wisdom teeth removed on Thursday and spent the week-end resting and stamping while I started the healing process. All is going pretty well with it so far so thanks a bunch! I have the best dentist in the world, Dr. Winter, who is so kind as I'm a huge baby when it comes to dental work and get all worked up before an appointment and he (and Ky and Mikhaela and Allie...) always get me calmed down and make me laugh before we get started. And, he deserves a medal because I've been there A LOT in the last couple of years and he's always so patient and wonderful! So, anyway - here's a toast to Dr. Winter and Ky and everyone at Downtown Dental and thanks again for the kind thoughts!

Happy Stamping!


  1. Great cards! I love how each color combo makes the cards look a little bit different. I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better. Four wisdom teeth removed at once... are you crazy!!?? :P I had two pulled and I thought I was going to die LOL! Glad to hear that you survived it :)

  2. Those are cute Seleise!! My favorite is the Kraft one with red & black ink (the bottom one).

    Glad you're healing up too!!

  3. Love those images, very elegant and sweet.

    You aren't the worlds biggest sook at the dentist, I am. I need the gas to knock me out for a checkup!

    Hope its all getting better

    :) Marcia P

  4. Wonderful cards - love the multitude of ways/colors that you used with the same stamps. Continuing to feel better? Those dentists are so into pain!! rita w

  5. Seleise
    Inspirational cards to me, im a fan of butterflies so i love your card.
    I love all!.. great colors. Thanks for the ideas. Don't have this set.


  6. Cute! I think my favorite is the kraft one. I love kraft but never seem to use it myself. Go figure!



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