Saturday, September 17, 2016

Birthday Balloons Triple Stamping

Oh my gosh - I keep falling down the rabbit hole. I have so many cards to share but just haven't done it. Maybe I'll catch up soon.

Let's start with a card featuring a triple stamping technique. A lot of times I see that technique with flowers which I'm a huge fan of! But, it got me to wondering if it would work with other stamps too. So, I pulled out Birthday Balloons and got busy.

First, you layer the 3 sugar pieces that are proportionally smaller than each of the others. You can hold the pieces in place while you stamp or as you can see below, you can use a bit of washi to hold the layers in place while you stamp. Don't worry if there are gaps in the stamping because you're going to add layer pieces that will cover those gaps. And, the gaps occur naturally because you're not stamping on a flat layer so it's all good. One thing to note is that you want to re-ink between each layer as that gap also shows up on your stamp so you re-ink so you have a solid ink layer for your next stamped image. And, even though there's a matching string stamp for this set, I decided to make it easy on myself so I used the copic multiliner to draw balloon strings. You want to do this while it's layered so they'll match up too. And, you could draw it with little bows where the balloons are tied but I just went super simple. :)
Here it is with the layer pieces so you can see how the gap is covered. The card base is the final layer. The layer pieces are each a quarter of an inch larger than the sugar layers.
Here's the full card. Isn't this fun!
And, to finish it off, I added another balloon inside and a sentiment from Birthdays Inside and Out.

Grape, Melon and Lime make a fun combo and can be used for anyone that has a birthday. I love this technique because it's one of those that look like you did a lot and really, you just did some simple stamped layers.

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Have a wonderfully creative day!

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