Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Oh Sheep...It's Past-ure Birthday!

It is conference season for my full-time job so posting is more sporadic these days. The coffee lovers blog hop is coming up so I hope to have lots of caffeinated projects posting next week but for now - here's a look at a fun card from the A Muse Studio March Collection.
 Go Hog Wild is sooooo PUNNY! I love the silly critters and the punny sayings. Here's one with the side sitting sheep that's just adorable.
 And, check out the flocking! I used the quickie glue pen, filled in the head tufts and the wooly dots on the side and flocked. Let that dry and repeated the process to make it a little fluffier. Love how it came out, don't you?
 Here's the inside. It's from Nine Lives. It worked perfectly with the sentiment on the front!
And, here's the parts. I use this in my class and rather than type it out again, thought - why don't I just take a picture of it? So, I did! lol!

You can find all the pieces and parts in my webstore:

Have a wonderfully creative day!

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