Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Shimmer Splash Background Thanksgiving Cards

Shimmery, splashy backgrounds! That's what I'm talking about!! These backgrounds (which were hard to photograph because of their shimmeriness but trust me - are really cool in real life *wink*) were made with a combination of papaya, poppy and blackberry splash and Peerless metallic transparent watercolor in copper. How awesome is that?!!!!
I spritzed some splash onto a craft sheet and drizzled some copper into it and then spritzed it with water. I blended it a little with the waterbrush and then smushed some Bristol watercolor paper into the shimmery puddles. I kept going until I ran out of that lovely, shimmery mix. :) I let the pieces dry and then stamped leaves in poppy, blackberry and currant. I made the background pretty dark so the leaves are subtle and just add to the visual interest of the background. I flicked some blackberry splash on the background to give some cool dotted texture too. Isn't that pretty?! I was inspired to create this background by Lyn who made a lovely shimmery background for our fall swap.
Since the outside had a lot going on, I kept the inside simple with a few leaves in blackberry.
The sentiment on the outside of the card is from our retired Essential Sentiments stamp set and is edged with latte pearls on fern cardstock. The watercolor paper is layered on nutmeg which is layered on a fern base.

I highly recommend playing around with splash and shimmers. It's fun! It's messy! It's beautiful! Each piece is a unique piece of art. So cool!

Splash and Peerless (and all the other supplies) are available in my webstore which is open 24-7:

Have a wonderfully creative day!

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