Friday, October 31, 2014

Partial Die Cut Tutorial - Charming Gardeners Notecard

A "charming" partial die cut using Charming Gardeners. I've seen these but hadn't done one myself. What better way to learn than to figure out how to teach it, right? :)
This is an A1 card - 3-1/2" X 5" when folded. I started with a cocoa base, a toffee layer stamped with the hexagon background and a lemon whip layer for the partial die cut.

So, how to make it - the following pics are on orange cardstock so that it's hopefully easier to see how it's done. And, yes, I need to take some goo gone to the back of my dies to remove the washi tape residue. :)
Step 1: Stamp your image on a piece of cardstock and line up your die over the flower. I used an oval from the oval nestabilities. Using a pencil, lightly draw a line on the inside edge of your die on either side of where you want your partial die-cut to go. I did about 1/4" of an inch in length on either side.

This is how it looks when the die is removed. The arrows are pointing to the lines on either side of the flower.
Step 2. Cut straight down from the edge of your cardstock to the inner edge of your drawn lines. Don't cut out from the image. You want to go straight to the line edge because otherwise you'll cut too much from your image to get the effect you want.

Step 3 is to cut around the rest of the exposed image between your two side cuts. Don't worry about being too precise here as you can always go back and clean it up. In our case, we're going to add glitter so the edge won't matter as much.

Step 4. Slide your die back in place going behind the part you just cut out and lining up the inside of the die on the lines you just drew. Use washi tape to hold it in place before running it through the die-cut machine. I used the Grand Caliber but it will work on any die-cutting machine you have.

Here's another view with the full oval shown.

Step 5. Run it through the die machine and remove the die and voilĂ ! A partial die cut!

This is what it looks like once it's cut. Notice that the scissor cut goes to the drawn line which is lower than the die cut. That's okay - it's right next to the image so won't show when glued down. Carefully erase the pencil lines and continue on with your card. Isn't that fun? And, it's easy once you do one or two. :)
So, here's the front again. I added lemon whip glitter to the flower petals and then stamped and glittered on the inside as well.
I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. Have fun making your own partial die-cut cards!

Have a wonderfully creative day!


Judy said...

Very Cool! I'm going to try this :)

James Abram said...

This will be a very interesting project for my kid this coming holiday! Thanks for this awesome card! By the way, if you need a mass produced stamp made products, visit PAPTI