Thursday, June 12, 2014

Busy and Fun times!

As you know, I've been a little sporadic in my postings lately. It's been a super busy spring and I have photos of cards to share...just need to get them posted. But, thought I'd share a bit of the fun I've had and the reason for some delays.

So - here's a peek at my life from Easter, working with friends, vacation, swaps, crops, classes, special orders and more! There's also this little thing called my job which has kept me very busy too. And, just helped my niece and her fiancé make their wedding invites! 150 of them! Good times... whew! :)

My youngest niece and nephews and two of my great-nephews on Easter Sunday.

 Easter Egg coloring with whipping cream. delicious and messy! :)

My friend, Sue, has a crop each month at her church called The Ministry of the Decorative Scissors. Isn't that the best name!!! I was actually productive at this one. Still carried too much stuff to it that I didn't use but hey - that's how I roll. :)

A college friend came to visit and we popped over to my sister's house to visit her and her family.

My mom and I took a two-part trip in May that started in Virginia. We got to see my same college friend and got to go to my nephew's graduation from PA school (yes, I have gum in my!)

Here's the family on graduation day - my big brother, my niece, my sister-in-law, me, my nephew, my mom and my great-niece. So fun to see everyone.

 We celebrated a little too. Here are the grads with straw glasses that I got them. :)

We drove through the tunnel a lot between Newport News and Norfolk. Tried not to think about the ocean/bay above the tunnel...

 And, we ended the first part of our trip having dinner by the Chesapeake Bay.

Hopped on a plane again (five different flights for this whole adventure) and headed to Tennessee to visit my aunt. What? It was on the way home... ;)

My cousin came too and we had a wonderful time relaxing by the Tennessee River. :)

Taught my classes in JC and Manhappiness. So fun! :) Love those stampin' peeps!

And, finally, worked on wedding invites...

Here's the happy couple! My niece and her fiance. :)

We had little helpers too.

Aren't they cute?!!!

And, when there was a break, I taught my youngest nephew how to die-cut. He's 16 months old. Never too early to get them started. :) His big brother was excited to help as he's been die-cutting and stamping for years. :)
So, I've been a little busy but wouldn't trade it for the world. Now, I hope to catch up a little and start making a few things for the craft fairs this fall. But, first, I need to get my swaps done for National Conference for A Muse Studio. Can't wait!!


Sue G said...

I love this post! It is sooooo you!!

Melissa Roell said...

Wow, you have been a busy lady! I would love to see the wedding invitations that you all created. Can you share?

I'm really looking forward to NatCon and seeing you again!