Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Basket and Bunnies

Here's a card I did with my classes in March. It's an Easter card full of bunnies and eggs and a basket too! These are all new dies from the Spring Accessories Guide that's active until the end of May. As you may realize, it's all the same parts as the card I posted yesterday except that I added some 3D crepe paper eggs to the card and also added a second layer of grass to the card. The great part is that when class is over, I usually have some extra materials to use to play around with designs. Don't you love the cobalt cardstock base on this card?! I adore that shade of blue and the gingham cardstock and everything's rosy paper pack coordinate beautifully with it.And, check out the bunny bums...wait - that sounded bad, didn't it?! lol! We carry both large and small puff bums. :)

Here's a blurry picture of the inside (oops). As you can see, it's simple but continues the theme of the card.

Happy Easter:
Stamps:            Color Me Happy, p. 13, $19.99
Cardstock:       Sugar (40), p.114, $7.50
                            Blueberry (20), p. 111, $7.50
                            French Roast (20), p. 112, $7.50
                            Shell (20), p.110, $7.50
                            Gingham (35), S, $14.95
                            Grapefruit Petite Polka Dot, p. 116, $9.95
Paper:               Everything’s Rosy 6X6 Pattern, S, $5.99
Ink:                    Blueberry, p. 111, $5.95

Dies:                  Easter Basket die set, S, $18.99
                            Bunny die set, S, $9.99
                            Flowers die set, S, $9.99
                            Grass die, p. 129, $9.95
Ribbon:            Sugar Organdy Polka Dot, p. 122, $5.25
Other:               Bunny bums, S, $1.95

If you want to make your own, check out these wonderful products online:

Have a wonderfully creative day!!

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