Thursday, February 14, 2013

Home-made Valentines!

While my sister was recovering after bringing my newest nephew into the world, the older kids and I made Valentine's so they'd be ready for the holiday! They used Monster Bash which is such a cute Halloween set that's not just limited to Halloween! And, I'm excited to report that it made it to the new catalog!! woo hoo!!!

So, back to the important things...the work. Here's Alana making her tags for her little lollipop bags.We used snack bags to hold the lollipops.
Sometimes you have to stand to rock your stamping and glue dotting!
She's an expert as I've had her stamping since she was a baby!
 Here's her final project. Isn't that cute? She wrote her classmate names on the back of the circle. She brought some joy to her classmates today! 
 Isaac has also been stamping since he was a little guy! He did not want any help with his stamping work!
 And, when it came time to add the eyes - there was hardly room on the card for all the ones he wanted to add. I love the creativity. Eyes on the bottom, eyes on the top, eyes on each other. lol! He's one in a million!  I bet he brought some smiles to his classmates today too!
I hope you take time to stamp with the super kids in your life because there's nothing more important than encouraging them to be creative! And, yep, sometimes the patience may be tested but it's worth it!

And, finally, I can't wait to get my newest little guy stamping (as soon as he can support his head - lol!) as the three-year-old is quite the stamper and die-cutter too! :) 

Have a wonderfully creative day!

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