Sunday, December 11, 2011

Graduation Snow Globe

Here's a fun take on a graduation card. Yep, I'm in a graduation mood, I guess. :) And, yep, that's a snowglobe! *wink*
I love snowglobes so decided to see what else would make cool snowglobe items besides the traditional wintery things. Here's my take on a graduation hat snowglobe. I took the (a│s) snow globe die and cut out the globe in vanilla and the base in onyx woodgrain. Then, I took the hat from con-GRAD-ulations in Memento ink and stamped it up and down and all around on the vanilla piece. I should have put a few gathered at the base to look like the globe had just been "shaken" and was starting to settle back in but that just occurred to me so not so helpful. :) I wanted the "snow" effect so decided to go back to the versamark/embossing powder option. I pressed the versamark pad all over the globe and then added the diamond embossing powder. Hit it with a heat gun until all the embossing powder was melted and assembled the card. The base is vanilla with onyx and cherry on top. The sentiment was added and then the globe.

Time to play with some more options. :)

All products are A Muse Studio (a│s):

Have a wonderfully creative day!!!


Susan said...

I love snowglobes! And this is delightful!

Char said...

To be honest, it's refreshing to see something 'other' than Christmas cards!! NOT that I am opposed to Christmas, just that it's almost overwhelming this time of year.

Cute card!!!!

Shirley Hotop said...

How original - love it!!!

Patti J said...

This card really gave me a chuckle! Great card - but I have a funny story! When I was in high school, I ran for a "Miss Dolton" contest in my hometown. It included talent, speaking, etc., AND building a float for a parade. I ended up being runner up due to a mis-spelled float banner. Yup, our float (not my doing) had Congradulations on it. The judges were very condescending, and said I was 1st place, hands down, except the Ages and eons ago, thanks for the memories, my friend!

Chelsea said...

How fun!! Love this idea!