Thursday, November 13, 2008

Buttons and Bows

Oh my gosh - it's been over a week since I last posted and that's just crazy. It's been so busy but that's good. Buttons and Bows was last week-end and it was soooo much fun. It was the first craft fair that I've done in years and the first time with papercraft items. 4 of us put a booth together and it was fun to watch which items caught the attention of the shoppers. We learned that we really need two booth spaces so that's on the agenda for next year. :) We're also hoping to get into another show in a couple of weeks so it's going to be an intense month of crafting (again!). yea!

Here's what our booth space looked like. We definitely had a lot of things to look at and a lot of things in a small space and learned how we need to organize differently for future shows.

My friend, Vicki, and I got these great Christmas card displays to use to display our cards. I think it's a cute way to show off a group of cards at once. Don't you? Wish I could find more!

I can't wait to see how the next show goes! I used to do these kinds of things by myself but it's sure a lot more fun to share a booth with others! These are really fun ladies so the day was full of laughter and chitchat. ;)

More soon (hopefully!). Happy Stamping!


Michelle said...

ohh I remember Buttons & Bows. Looks like you had a lot of stuff to offer! Hope it went well and I would be interested in learning what sold & didn't sell. I'm hoping to participate in shows in my area starting in 2009. BTW, TOTALLY LOVE the card holder!!! I so want one!

Marcia @ Pretty Things said...

The stall looked busy, which I like. I don't pay attention to stalls at craft shows that look too perfect - crafts are supposed to be homely and that is what your stall looked .... pity I was too far away to come for a look see!

Jane said...

Wow, that's one packed booth! Hope you made out well. I've only done a couple of these and neither was successful so I gave it up. My time is worth something. Hope you had more luck.


Chris (catt871) said...

looks awesome!!! Glad things sold well for you!!! good luck at the next one!!!!!

Lisadwb said...

Yummy!! Look at all those pretties!! Looks like you had many wonderful items for sale.

Barb said...

Look at all of those wonderful creations! I was wondering how it went for you... I've always wanted to go and have never had a chance. I may have to come by and see you at the next one!! :)

Kelly L said...

Oooh, this definitely looks like a table I would have stopped at. Love the card holder, too. Great idea! :D Kel