Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kid's birthday fun and tagged

You know, we've all got these special little people in our lives whether they're our own or our nieces or nephews or children of friends. The hard part is finding a cute little card for them or more than one cute little image for their cards.

The current TAC Level B Hostess Set, Fluffy Friends, is perfect for these precious little ones. I've used this set in many ways but here is one of my most current designs with this set. Here's the outside and inside. It's simple and quick and I think the crop-a-dile adds a nice element on the side. And, I love the color combo of cobalt DCWV and black.

And, I was tagged by Barb and Heather (you should definitely click on their names and check out their blogs - awesome stuff!) so here are my responses:

Ten Years Ago:
Pretty much same as now but I was doing much more quilting and craft sewing and very little if any stamping. :) I was working at the same place but in a different department. My friends hadn't started getting married or having kids yet so we played a lot on week-ends. Good times. And, I was ten years younger (lol!) :)

Five things in my "to do" list today:
1. Go stamp on seminar stuff
2. update my blog (done - hee hee!)
3. Put baby star books together
4. make chocolate no bake cookies (done! - yum!)
5. Go to bed at a decent time so I can actually make it to work on time. (the jury is still out on that one.)

Snacks I enjoy:
Chips and Salsa
Hot Tamales

Things I would do if I was a millionaire:
Travel, travel, travel!

Places I have lived:
Kansas (4 different towns/cities)
Dijon, France for a summer (study abroad)

Thanks for tagging me girls!

Happy Stamping!


Deb said...

very sweet card, love those images, enjoyed reading your tag!

Alley said...

Such a cute card and I enjoyed reading about you. I never finish those tag things...

Chris (catt871) said...

That card is soooo cute!!!! Love those images although I never spend enough to make it to Level B!!I hope that one will be in the next catty like the Perky Penguins was!! Wheeee!!!

BarbL said...

I'm always looking for quick & easy birthday cards for kids. Thanks for the great idea. I love this one!
Barb L.

Keryn Campbell said...

Gorgeous card. That stamp set would be so useful.

Kristine said...

Those are such adorable stamps! :D Sure makes cute cards.

Trudy Osborn said...

Very cute card! I love that you show us the insides. I tend to forget to decorate in there at all.