Friday, March 14, 2008

You Made My Day!

I'm very honored! I was nominated twice by fellow SBS4 sisters for the "You Make My Day" award. How neat! I have really enjoyed being a part of this group of talented ladies. I've got links to their blogs on the right sidebar on my blog. You should pop in to their blogs and take a look at their fabulous creations. I'm always inspired!

And, I was tagged by Yanitza to post 7 random things about myself on my blog. Hmm -
1. I was born in 1968 but my grandfather was born in 1862 (106 years earlier)! Yep, it's true!
2. There were 7 people in my graduating class from high school.
3. I studied in France for a summer during college.
4. I love to read but haven't taken much time to do that lately (too much stamping!)
5. I have fabulous friends!
6. I am a procrastinator but am trying to get better.
7. I am not always easy because I care deeply and get emotionally involved! (or is that overly emotionally involved! LOL)

I would tag others but this has probably been around so just know that everyone who's blog I visit has made my day because I learn so much! Thanks for stopping by. I'll hopefully be posting some cards tomorrow!

Thanks, Chris and Marjorie and Yanitza, for making my day!

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Deb said...

I enjoyed reading this, such fun!