Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ice, Ice Everywhere...

Baby, it's cold outside... and inside! Kansas was hit by a "lovely" (can you feel the sarcasm?) ice storm Monday night which took out power to 600,000 homes, including mine, and it's starting to get darned chilly. It looks like a war zone when you're out driving around because there are so many trees down. Ice on the trees is gorgeous until you see the destruction. I've got some pictures so when I get power at home, I'll add them to this post.

The worst part about the power outage is that it was too dark to stamp! Ah well, hopefully power will be back on soon and I can finish up Christmas presents!

Hope all is well with you and yours! Happy Stamping!

*update - no power yet but here's a link to the local paper with coverage of the storm:
Images of Ice Storm

Thanks for all the good thoughts and well wishes!

*update #2: I have electricity! woo hoo!!! At least for the moment so it's nice to be up and running. 4 days without power - whew... I still have friends and family without power and it could be two weeks or more before they get it again. yikes! Hopefully that's the worst case scenario estimate since the weather is going to get even colder. But, we'll band together and take care of each other so it's all good. Now, time to get some stamping done!


Marcia @ Pretty Things said...

Seleise, where I live in Asutralia, we don't get snow or ice. The best we get is a bit of frost on the lawn occasionally. Hope the power isn't out too long.

~Jules~ said...

Ohh you poor thing. It's not cold like that Here in sunny Australia!

Chris (catt871) said...

I hope you and your family are safe and warm!!! We get storms in Canada, but seems the Mid West USA is getting it WAY worse than us at the moment!! Good thing we live in igloos ;) LOL
A fellow SBS 4 sister,

Alley said...

You poor woman, not even able to stamp! I hope your electricity is on and your keeping woarm!!Fellow sbs4 sister

Linda said...

Isn't amazing how something so beautiful can be so destructive. We are next. They are predicting 5-6 inches of snow. My son is driving home from Fort Jackson South Carolina tonight. I am praying that he gets in before the snow. He and his dad were suppose to drive to St. Louis Missouri tomorrow morning to pick up his wife and daughter. I don't think they will make it. But that is the midwest for ya.

Deb said...

Oh my goodness, I saw this on the news earlier in the week and wondered if any of my blogging friends would be affected. Glad you got your power back, I am sure it must have looked quite beautiful but a bit scary to live with!