Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ice, Ice Everywhere - the pictures

ok - I promised some pictures once I had power and was up and running again. Here are some pics from my apartment and from my office at Kansas State University. There is still ice on the trees because of the low temps and there are still about 5900 people without power in Riley County. There are also many more without power across the state. I'm very grateful to have power and be up and running again. There are line crews from all over the country and they've been working night and day. It's amazing.

The craziest thing about an ice storm is that it's incredibly beautiful while it's incredibly dangerous. Here are some pics and the next post will be back to stamping stuff! :)


Donelda said...

Yikes, that is a lot of ice. You did get some amazing pictures which are beautiful even if the ice did know out power and create havoc!!


Kylie said...

WOW, I know that it was probably a dangerous storm, but I really love those pics you got, they would be great pics to use on a LO!!

~Jules~ said...

Amazing photo's! Hard for us all over here in sunny Australia to comprehend how cold it is there I guess!
merry Christmas

Yani said...

Look at those trees... it is the only thing I dislike about living in the tropics... everything looks the same all year round...LOL!

Unknown said...


scrappernic said...

Wow! That's scary, but what gorgeous pictures! It looks so beautiful (even though it caused so many problems!). I'm glad you're ok and have power again.

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Wow, thanks for sharing the pictures of the ice storm. It is really pretty and hard to comprehend in Ariozona too.

Kelly L said...

Wow, your pictures are very pretty even though the ice causes so much destruction. We weren't hit that bad with the ice in our area . . thank God for that. I am glad to hear your power is back on. That can be torture for sure! Take care, Kelly :)

Suzanne @ Day to Day said...

Oohh Double Brrrr!

Tammy said... those pictures bring back fond memories:). Thanks for sharing them!!